Barista Life 2017 Partners & Supporters

Working together to equip baristas


Our partners make Barista Life 2017 possible. We want to celebrate their belief in baristas and their commitment to the coffee industry.

Espresso Solutions

Espresso Solutions are a vibrant family-owned business in Crawley, England who stock authentic parts for most coffee making equipment and distribute key brands to baristas, shops, roasteries and engineers. Many reputable engineers purchase their parts from Espresso Solutions, and you can too by using the easy-to-use parts finder on their website.

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La Marzocco

Founded in 1927 by the Bambi brothers, La Marzocco have continually developed features and technology that increase coffee quality and enhance the baristas’ working experience. Today, La Marzocco are recognised market-leaders of in specialty coffee equipment with each machine still being handmade in small factory just outside Florence.

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Media Partners

These industry-leading publications are responsible to communicating Barista Life findings to the widest possible audience.

Caffeine is the leading magazine celebrating coffee culture in the United Kingdom. Each issue explores trends and issues facing baristas and coffee drinkers as well as the industry.

European Coffee Trip

Roving reporters Ales and Radek from European Coffee Trip are documenting the current state of specialty coffee across Europe through images, videos and interviews on their site.


Our supporters have kindly provided rewards for baristas taking part in Baristas Life and resources so we can carry out this work.


Beyond The Bean

Nordic Approach

The Estate Diary

Nobly POS



These people have provided support, insight and encouragement

The need for Barista Life arose at the first United Baristas Roundtable which was attended by Dan Thompson, Nicole Ferris, Matt Smith, Richard Williams, David Abrahamovitch, Ruth Turner, Darren Elliot, Ben Floyd, Scott Bentley & Chloe Callow. All are industry leaders and their thoughts and insights into the opportunities and challenges when building a team have been invaluable.

A special thanks to Scott from Caffeine who agreed to become a media partner before we were even sure what we were going to do and Paul Kelly from La Marzocco who signed up as a partner without hesitation in the trust that Barista Life would make a contribution to the coffee community. Equally critical to running Barista Life have been Ryan and Will at Espresso Solutions who jumped at the opportunity and have helped to shape our thinking.

We piloted the Barista Life focus group concept at our second United Baristas Roundtable. This wouldn’t have been possible without the work and support of Dan from La Marzocco. We also need to thank Cath from Curators, Stacey from Climpson & Sons, Alex from Workshop, Tom from Timberyard, Dani from Allpress, Jacob from Taylor Street, Hugh from Sandows, Celeste who is The Girl In The Cafe and Tony from Ikawa to generously sharing their stories, successes, challenges and aspirations. Their thoughts and experiences have profoundly shaped the scope and outputs of Barista Life 2017.

Finally we need to thank James, who silently runs much of United Baristas; Katy, for building the personality profiles; and Chris, for working with us on the statistics and research methods.

Barista Life 2017 is a case in point
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