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We know employers in the specialty coffee industry have many questions about how to best build a team. Barista Life is designed to help answer a variety of questions raised by businesses in our first Roundtable which explored staffing challenges. This type of research is commonplace in many industries, but to the best of our knowledge it is the first time this work is being run in the UK specialty coffee industry.

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Encouraging your team to complete the Barista Life Survey broadens the breadth of opinion and deepens the insights. Your team’s responses are are confidential and only the anonymised and aggregated data and findings are shared in our Knowledge Base. Your business can use the findings in the Knowledge Base to better understand industry-wide issues so that you can develop organisation-specific strategies to enable your business to succeed.

How you can support and promote Barista Life:

  • Send an email to all your staff asking them to complete the Barista Life Survey (we can supply boiler plate copy)
  • If you prefer, embed the Barista Life Survey on your own website or intranet using Javascript
  • Encourage your key staff to attend a Barista Life Roundtable
  • Participate in the conversation using the #baristalife17 and #baristalife17 hashtags
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Benchmark your organisation

We can also help you design and run an internal survey so you can benchmark your organisation against the industry averages. Are your staff more or less motivated than average? Is your retention rate normal? Are you offer adequate training? Barista Life findings allow you to tackle your organisational challenges with insight and clarity.

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