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Let’s make this year your best yet

Barista Life 2017

Baristas share a passion for their work unmatched by almost any other profession.

However, many people who work in coffee struggle to clearly see career opportunities within the specialty coffee industry.

Barista Life is about identifying the career paths that exist in the industry so we can provide actionable information to baristas and industry.

United Baristas have partnered with espresso machine manufacturers La Marzocco and equipment parts supplier Espresso Solutions to meet with baristas up and down the country at a series of Roundtables and to run the Barista Life 2017 survey.

Every barista has a story, and if you share that story with us we can combine your experiences and insights to report on where the industry is at – and what you can do to advance your career.

We’ll publish the findings in our Knowledgebase later in the year.

So what are you waiting for? Get Started